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Injection molding, Pad printing, Hot stamping, Ultrasonic welding, Assembly and Packaging of plastic products
On Our Company

HE-PA Hungary Plast Kft

since 1997

In our premises, we have been manufacturing technically high quality plastic parts for automobile industry, the medical instrument technology, models at a proportion of 1:87 and household products.


Our company holds a certificate of
DIN EN ISO 9001.

Our Policy

The significance of flawless production is a common ground and is applied in the work of all of our associates. The strict compliance with delivery times is another important aspect for our Administration, thus we can show up the image of a flexible and trustworthy company.

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Plastic Injection molding using a closing force of 350 to 6500 KN. Manufacturing products in small and large-scale series available.

Pad printing with machines of 1 to 6 colours. – We can also create pads and clichés required for the procedure

In our assembly department, machine-made and handmade products are assembled.
Other plastic processing methods: hot stamping and ultrasonic welding

Automobile Industry

In the field of the manufacturing of car plugs, the right choice is to commission us.
Our experience of several years in hired labour enabled us to offer high quality products at advantageous price.

Medical Instrument Technology

Medical products are produced in spaces classified as Class 8 in the Clean Room system, strictly according to the clients’ needs and standard DIN EN ISO 13845.
Clean Room manufacturing also covers injection moulding and the assembly of the parts.


Manufacturing models at a proportion of 1:87 includes injection moulding, pad printing, hot stamping and assembly and packaging of part, all in our factory.
During manufacturing, the key for us is to focus on the client’s highest quality requirements. Our passion to details is what distinguishes us from the other companies in this field.

Other Products

There is no product we could not produce for you.
Our overriding objective is to grant our clients’ wishes no matter from which aspect (quality / quantity / delivery time).
Quality Policy

Quality Policy

In order to fulfil customer requirements and the stakeholder expectations, the management of HE-PA Hungary Plast Kft. specifies the following key points to consider when evaluating the management, and, against this background, sets measurable qualitative objectives, the compliance of which would be monitored.


I. Achieving and providing high quality requirements is the purpose of our management.

  1. Specialist personnel shall be provided continuous training to recognise errors (tool: EMEA)
    → Zero Defect Strategy
  2. The development of our company is enhanced by industrial technologies.
  3. We are endeavouring on minimising error costs. On reducing the complaint processing time to the shortest possible.
  4. The purpose is to make delivery evaluation reach 100%.
  5. Monitoring official and statutory obligations is on an on-going basis.
  6. We assume complying with customer requirements.


II. We produce high-value products in a modest price

  1. We would strengthen our position in the market by broadening the scope of our customer base.
  2. We would solve our problems and achieve our goals by cooperating closely with our customers.
  3. We shall continually optimize customer satisfaction and compliance with delivery deadlines by resorting to all employees’ assistance.
  4. The purpose on each grades of manufacturing is to minimize errors and culls.
  5. During production, great attention is paid to all environmental standards and the economical use of raw materials, including energy and water.


III. We strengthen our positions in the competition by improving our management scheme

  1. Our company would improve by the assistance of our short information and decision-making ways and flexibility.
  2. Employees shall receive liabilities with which to comply with their works via our managers’ own responsibilities.


IV. Efficiency of the company’s employees

  1. The aim of our personnel policy is to optimise the our workers’ performance, thereby motivating our employees and enhancing their self-expression.
  2. Working at HE-PA Hungary Plast Kft. is, on the one hand a subsistence and an employment opportunity, on the other hand, it is our common job to discover good achievements and self-expression.
  3. Arising from our human characteristics, conflicts and faults cannot be completely excluded. In case problems arise, solutions would be sought collectively.
  4. Occupational safety and the protection of workers’ health are important foundations of our company.
  5. Discrimination against workers on the grounds of, for example, sex, religion, colour, age, origin, disability, political or sexual orientation is not allowed. We reject child labour, forced labour and any form of exploitation.
    We expect the same from our customers and suppliers.
ISO Certificate




HE-PA Hungary Plast Kft.
H-8284 Nemesgulács, József Attila u.80.
grad. engineer Alexander Rehberg

Tel.: 0036 87/433-322
Fax. 0036 87/533-055
Email: info@hepahungary.hu

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